You are a living masterpiece, not a still life.

Authentic style, like the brushstroke of an artist or the music of a virtuoso, begins in the heart. That is why Style Myst takes you beyond the silver glass of reflection into the heartstrings of personal style.

I developed this self-help system based on the most important things I’ve learned from the major schools of color and style analysis I’m familiar with.  I am presently compiling a more comprehensive e-book.

This system is based on the principles of Aesthetics + Personality + Context and builds upon many things you may have already experienced in this heyday of style consultation systems. However, it is primarily a style philosophy honoring the values, preferences, lifestyle, goals, and personality of the individual as the guiding principle of personal style development within the context of a changeable environment.

Why did I create this system?

Style Myst is a comprehensive tool for merging your inner and outer truths. Like many end-users of the wonderful consultation services (and great talent!) available to us in the 21st century, I was in search of my personal style, but didn’t realize that objective principles and personal style are two different things: In my opinion, personal style begins with life. Your life’s energy and outlook express a coherent theme, but you need aesthetic principles to communicate that and a way to work it into an environment that may shift and change over time.

I’m on Board! Where Do I Start?

Anywhere you like, though I recommend beginning with the general topics of Aesthetics, Personality, and Context, available in the featured articles below and also in the header menu. I don’t offer color and image analysis myself; I am primarily a writer. My goal is to help you pull the information you already have about your best colors, lines, and styles into a coherent philosophy that makes shopping, dressing and curating your wardrobe so much easier.

For a quick start to finding your one-of-a-kind style, try Style Mapping (in the “Personality” drop-down menu above). But for a more comprehensive approach, I suggest going deeper into the site. This does require patience and diligence, but the results are unbeatable.